The following libraries are mighty useful
  • MOHgh9lncF2UxY-NXF58v3eVJ5jnXUK_T  -- by Romain Vialard
    • 2D Array Lib. Useful for sorting, filtering and finding.
  • MTeYmpfWgqPbiBkVHnpgnM9kh30YExdAc  -- by James Ferreira
    • ObjApp. Useful for camel naming, turning arrays into an object based collection.
  • MEQ3tE5y5_cTOAgUbUKSIAiz3TLx7pV4j  -- by Bruce McPherson
    • Mcpher. Huge collection of all kinds of funtions. 
  • MiC3qjLYVUjCCUQpMqPPTWUF7jOZt2NQ8  -- by James Ferreira
    • underscoreGS. Google Script tool kit with over 40 functions
  • M3bZE0jKpH5YRRrzqUt9Ba9kh30YExdAc  -- by James Ferreira
    • GPlusApp. Google+